We are currently setting up our online ordering for T-shirts, Stickers and Buttons.
If you would like to purchase any of the below items please contact us with your order.
Be sure to include: design, size, color, quantity, and your mailing address.
We will provide an address and payment info.
Thank You!
CoRE "Hook" T-Shirts - Black or Purple
CoRE "Insignia" T-Shirts - Black Only
CoRE "Evolution" T-Shirts - Black Only
Available in sizes S to XL
Price: $25
CoRE "Sacrificial" Chonies - Black Only
Available in sizes S to L
Price: $15
CoRE chonies

CoRE stickers
price: $1 each

CoRE "Hook" sticker

CoRE "Love Hooks" sticker

CoRE name sticker
CoRE 1inch Buttons
price: $1 each

Hook ---- CoRE ---- I Love Hooks

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