Transcending Lotus

CoRE and
DJ 10.29

Halloween Party
with the CoRE Family


Horror Dance

Ghoul's Party

Black and White

Two Tribes




Ritual of Angels
Paris Show

Man vs. Machine

Boiler Room

Balancing the Scales

Ritual of Angels
Houston Show


Android Rehabilitation

Deviant Desires

The Birth of CoRE

Torments of the Flesh
January - Santa Ana, CA - Club Hurt
1st Annual Rubber Awards

Also with: XOXO Accessories, Mistress Melissa, Sir Skip Dog, Professior X, Madam Violet, DarKKruption, Lillian Star, Leigh Acosta, Ravynsblood Leather, DJ Jonny Bonnett, DJ Fractal of Tactical Sekt, Dead Darling Dolly, Lady Lauren X, Antigone Suicide, Bordello of Decadence, Niki 666, Shiny Eye Photos, Pleasure Chest, Naughty Teddy Novelties, and Monkeys to Go.

October - Oakland, CA - NIMBY
NIMBY Fundraiser - Transcending Lotus

Also with: Extra Action Marching Band, 2PIR, Tiger Honey Pot, The Can Cannibals, The Derailers, The Photo Boof, The Merkins, and The Traveling Wonders of the Boiler Bar.

June - Houston, TX - Warsaw Ballroom
Warsaw Ballroom Grand Opening

Also with: Zipperneck, Automatic Thrill, Dickey Hands, DollyRockers, Inner Lights and 500 Megaton Boogie.

May - Santa Ana, CA - Malone's
Fetish Fest 2010

Also with: Mistress Melissa, Sir Skipdog, Meister Schmerz, Professor D, Dungeon Corp, Mistress D, Master Moose, Johnny F-cking Napalm, Lady Slava, and Nikki Nefarious, Robo-DM, Asphyxiation, Leigh Acosta, Dead Darling Dolly, Trixie Firecracker, Lez Fuck, and Stomp Gyna.

March - Los Angeles, CA - Trick Concepts Warehouse
Decadence- An Erotic Misadventure

Also with: Angel and Brittany Beta of the Scarlet Harlot Project, Angelita Purrvertina and Eerie De Scent.


October - Las Vegas, NV - VooDoo Lounge at The Rio
Rapture's Edge

Also with: Corey Haim, DJ Jeff G, DJ Michael Toast and Unifier.

October - Houston, TX - Numbers Night Club
CoRE Family Hootenanny

Also with: Morgue City.

October - Oakland, CA - Oakland Metro Opera House

Also with: Sikhara, These Knives Exhale and Mr. Hate of NoOtherRadio/KPFA.

October - Miami, FL - Double Tree Miami Mart Hotel
Visionary Expo

Also with: Chet Zar, Shawn Barber, James Kern, Nick Baxter, Corey Kruger, JonJon, Bob Tyrrell, Yoji Harada, Chris Garver, Shane Hartline, Logan Aguilar, White Trash Beautiful, and Frowser.

September - Nevada City, CA - Sierra Nevada Mountains
Stella Natura - Reaping the Flesh of Light

Also with: Fauna, Halo Manash, Wolfskin, Arnicia, Changes, Ruhr Hunter, Lux Interna, Velnias, Voice of Eye, Procer Veneficus, Novemthree, C.O.T.A., Sere, and Katabatik.

July - Houston, TX - The Meridian
CoRE Benefit for the L.A. Chapter of CoRE

Also with: ION, and morgue city.

February - Houston, TX - The Meridian
Pretty Things Peepshow - Vintage Vaudeville Burlesque

Also with: Bettina May, Suicide/Pin Up Girl, Gypsy burlesque starlet go-go Amy, Brother's Grim Sideshow, and Coney Island Sideshow.


November - Oakland, CA - Orbis Nex
"Embers of the Lotus"

October - Houston, TX - Numbers Night Club
Witches Night an Evening of Tortures

Also with: CandyXXX's HARD-WARE fashion show, Morgue City and DJ Wes Wallace

September - San Francisco, CA - DNA Lounga
Cat O Nine, Domme Dietrich and Penthouse present
the most hardcore Fetish Gala "Power"

Also with: Midori, Kumi, DeVilla de Dallas, Athena Fatale, Lizzie V DeVine, and Aerik Von. With special screening of Infernalli

September - San Francisco, CA - Fat City
Second Annual "Sigil"
"Seven Stages of the Alchemical Transformation"

Also with: SwingShift Sideshow, Unmata, Lapsus, kSea FLUX, AIXELA, Eva, Thee Great David, Eirik Aswang, Vinsantos, DJ Decay, DJ Rick, DJ Paradox

September - Redding, CA - Redding Convention Center
Redding Ink Tattoo Conevention
"The Funeral"

September - Redding, CA - Club 151

July - Hollywood, CA - Club Hell at the Ivar
"The Asylum"

Also with: ScumLove

June - San Francisco, CA - Ace's Junkyard
"Nomadic Struggle" - Death Guild Thunderdome Fundraiser

Also with: Ariellah, Diva Marisa, Lapsus, Lurid Bliss, Nadya, DJ Decay, DJ Melting Girl, DJ John Dough and Thunderdome Fights

May - Columbus, OH - Score Bar
"The Dawning Veil" with ihung

February - Oakland, CA - Orbis Nex
"Excoriation Ceremonies - Unfolding the Triptych of Initiatory Thorns"
Inception of the Oakland / San Francisco Chapter of CoRE

Also with: Soriah, and Sychronicity Frequency

January - Houston, TX - THE SYSTEM at Jet Lounge
"CoRE Suspends DJ 10.29"

CoRE suspends DJ 10.29 for a 30 minute vertical suspension while 10.29 performs a full live DJ set at THE SYSTEM a monthly clubnight in Houston, TX.


December - Olympia, WA - Hall of the Woods
Cascadian Winter Solstice MMVII : ASCENSION : Rites of Inward Breath
"Ritual Noctambulism and Sacramental Flesh" - with Aixela

A dream ritual.

Also with: Poison Ring, Waldteufel, Minority of One, Fauna: Echtrra & Vines, Ritmano, Diynnr, and others

October - Los Angeles, CA - Hex Hollywood at the Ivar
"Dreams and Nightmares" with AMF

October - Houston, TX - Jet Lounge
"Halloween Party with the CoRE Family"

We take a look at how a deranged, murderous, backwoods family celebrates Halloween. Three city-folk victims are grabbed from the audience and tortured for amusement. The first two victims are then cut up for left overs. The 3rd victim is buried alive in a coffin.
Also with: DJ 10.29 and DJ Dead

July - Houston, TX - The Meridian

Also with: Morgue City, Whorehound, Hell City Kings, The Contingency, Trigger Minor, and Jalambo Chispa

June - Houston, TX - Roc Bar
"Snake Oil Sideshow"

May - Emeryville, CA - N.I.M.B.Y
"The Procession"
with Ariellah, Lapsus, and Gamelan X

A collaboration that represents different tribes coming together to form a ceremonial procession from a single flame that creates intensly moving energy.

Also with: Therm, Nadya, Thunderdome Fire Hotties, Diva Marisa, DJ Decay, DJ Hicksmokey, and Thunderdome Fights

January - Houston, TX - Numbers Night Club
"3rd Annual Horror Dance Film Festival"

Also with: Hellbound Hearse and C.J Graham
(AKA Jason Voorhess from Friday the 13th)


December - Oakland, CA - Orbis Nex
"A Riual of Death, Transformation, and Rebirth"
with Aesthetic Meat Front (AMF)

October - Houston, TX - Numbers Night Club
"The Dark Hours- The Fear, The Fantastic and The Fallen"

October - Portland, OR - The Someday Lounge
"Dueling Barkers"

Also with: 999 Eyes

October - Seattle, WA - Capital Hill Arts Center
Pleasure and Pain's, A Body Systems Dark Art Party
"My Hell"

Also with: Shift, Betty X, Mankind is Obsolete, A.S. Koi, Jason Soles, and Savina

September - Glendale, CA - Glendale Civic Auditorium
Xatrian Crux with Ascend Tribal Dance

Also with: OOZE

September - Houston, TX - The Engine Room
"The Metal Show"

Also with: Genitorturers, Mortiis, and Morgue City

August - Houston, TX - Jet Lounge

Experience an evening of sound through suspension.

June - Houston, TX - The Engine Room
"The Road to Hell"

Also with: Erase the Virus, Morgue City, Bowel, To Scale the Throne, Oneness Darkness, and Beast and the Machine

June - Los Angeles, CA - Hex Hollywood at The Ivar
"666 Show"


October - Houston, TX - Numbers Night Club

October - Las Vegas, NV - The Sports Center
Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball
"The Ghouls Party"

An elegant night out gets a sinister twist when two ladies find themselves at the wrong party, where haunts and banshees are out to have a little fun of their own.

August - Oklahoma City, OK - Rose State University
23rd Street Body Piercing Studio 10 year Anniversary

A Butoh-styled contemplation of the spirit behind humankind's search for meaning.
Also with: The Lizardman

August - Houston, TX - Numbers Night Club

A Butoh-styled contemplation of the spirit behind humankind's search for meaning.
Also with: Morgue City

April - Houston, TX - 610 Arena
HPEP - S & M Ball
"Evolution of Spirituality"


December - Houston, TX - The Meridian
The Bartender's Fetish Ball

November - Los Angeles, CA
Private Event

November - Houston, TX - Numbers Night Club

October - Los Angeles, CA - Cannibal Flower
"Black and White" with Chet Czar, George Sarah and others

September - Hollywood, CA - Knitting Factory

June - San Bernardino, CA - Gotham / LA Luna
Puncture 10 Year Anniversary with Cutting Way and Desert Dragons

March - Houston, TX - 610 Arena
HPEP 10 Year Anniversary S & M Ball
"CoRE CiRcUs"

CoRE's breathtaking freakshow brings you rare and daring sights! Human puppets, the flesh windmill, contortion, and death-defying acrobatics from our flesh hook trapeze act all compete to steal your soul right before your eyes.

March - Hollywood, CA - Key Club
"DEKONSTRUKT" with Sociey 1 and Joey Strange

In a world where savagery rules, two outlanders capture an android and two humans in order to probe the depths of how the two species function.

April - Houston, TX - Numbers Night Club

Intense, futuristic, industrial beings push the limits of the flesh and soul.

Also with: Bozo Porno Circus

ContentOctober - New Orleans, LA - The House of Shock
"Raising the Ultimate One"
In a tale full of torture and fleshly sacrifices, a demonic priest awakens forces that he can't control.
Also with: Reverand B. Dangerous

September - Houston, TX - Numbers Night Club

The raw intensity of metal and industrial drumming grinds its teeth on bodies bearing the Kavadi and enduring the hook.

Also with: Given, PrisonLoveScene, and SorE

September - Houston, TX - Hyperia
Dare Ware's Fetish Ball
“Red Ribbon”

When serpentine creatures summon an otherworldy beauty, a sublime ecstasy is conceived.

Also with: The Lizard Man and Masumi Max

September - Paris, France - L'Etrange Film Festival
"Ritual of Angels"

Bear witness to the creation of an angel when silver thorns break her skin and become wings.

August - Clear Lake, TX - Park Place
Private Party

June - Houston, TX - CoRE Warehouse
"Man vs. Machine" with MotoMan Project

After a young boy stumbles into a dark warehouse, he accidentally sets the gears in motion for a face off between flame-throwing machines and savage humans.

April - Houston, TX - CoRE Warehouse
"Boiler Room"

Intensity and pressure swell to dangerous levels through four blistering performances enacted throughout the night.

January - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald's
"Wings of Darkness"

Underworld angels perform rituals both intricate and strange.

Also with: FOUR, PrisonLoveScene, Geek, and Mean Peace


ContentOctober - Houston, TX - Engine Room

In this collaboration with industrial metal project delicate TERROR, Egyptian pharaohs unlock timeless enigmas and raise a golden deity.

Also with: delicate TERROR, DETH KULTUR BBQ, and ICKOO

October - Houston, TX - Numbers Night Club
"Balancing the Scales"

Libra is symbolized by the scales, representing the trials and tribulations all humans endure to balance the paradoxes in their lives. In this collaborative performance, we observe this struggle as it seeks to claim a life.


July - Houston, TX - Poissant Gallery
"Ritual of Angels" with The Houston MET

Bear witness to the creation of an angel when silver thorns break her skin and become wings.

June - Houston, TX - A>S>H>S Warehouse
"N!UM" with A>S>H>S

A rush of carnal offerings throbs to tribal rhythms.

May - Houston, TX - Numbers Night Club
"Android Rehabilitation"

In a world like none we've seen before, broken androids arrive at a rehabilitation facility and meet their fate.

February - Columbus, OH - 87 West
"Deviant Desires"

Monks of the netherworld perform a ritual sacrifice while spiraled in crimson fog.

Also with: Daryl Carlton, The LIzard Man, Puritan Death Squad, and Piercology

January - Houston, TX - Numbers Night Club
"The Birth of CoRE"

On this most seminal of nights, Constructs of Ritual Evolution is brought into being through the conjuring of fire, earth, air, and water, and the hailing of the CoRE.

Also with: The Lizard Man

December - Houston, TX - A>S>H>S Warehouse
"The Friday Before Christmas"
Collaboration with A>S>H>S

With exquisite visions of many of the world's indigenous cultures, fervid drumming summons the gathering of the tribes.

October - Houston, TX - Numbers Night Club
"Torments of the Flesh"

Within the chambers of a mad doctor's dank examination room, ghouls do his bidding and torture unsuspecting victims. Atrocity upon atrocity is committed until finally, in a powerful climax, the victims take their revenge upon the doctor.